Thursday, April 5, 2012

My mother told me...

One of the reasons why I wanted to tell this story is because it's not just a single story. There are many stories, myths, and conspiracy theories that resulted from this murder mystery. Of the people I've spoken to so far, every single story has been different, many contradictory, and yet told to me with such conviction that each time I speak to someone, I am convinced I am hearing the real truth of the case.

Well, mostly. 

Until next time, here's a mini-myth to keep you entertained, taken directly from the transcripts.

..."When she was identified, I said to my mother ‘what’s all this about the pyjama girl?’ And mum said ‘oh poor lady came from Melbourne with a suitcase of her clothes and it was all stolen and she had to go back to Melbourne in her pyjamas.’"

Now, as people ask me about the play I'm working on, their next question is often 'Who was the Pyjama Girl.' As that in itself is a far too complicated answer, I'm tempted to begin borrowing the story about the suitcase!

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